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Why is this site different and better than other foreclosure property sites?

1) We provide you with a list of ONLY Bank and Government Owned Properties not pre-foreclosures! These types of properties are called REO's (Real Estate Owned). If you have tried other sites, you know the problems with pre-foreclosures: They can take a huge amount of your time only to find out that the property is not available. Every property on this site is for sale by a bank or government agency.

2) We supply you with multiple phone numbers and email addresses on EVERY property to the people who are responsible for selling these properties. Most properties have pictures supplied by the owner.

3) Unlike other sites, who derive their information from government agencies, we get our information directly from the banks who own the properties. Government agencies don't know what is for sale. The owner does and they tell us every day! Other sites claim to have REO's but in fact they are usually past Trustee Sales/Sheriff Sales. This type of information is often misleading and the property is usually not for sale.

4) You pay HALF as much!

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