BEFORE YOU ENTER THE PROPERTY LIST there is some important information you need to know to use the list in the most effective manner. SOME OF THE PROPERTIES MAY BE SOLD BY THE TIME YOU CALL. The following paragraphs will explain why and what you can do to reduce the chance that a property you call about is sold.

There are two date fields on each property; Entry Date and List Date. The List Date tells you when the seller last notified us that the property was available. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION. The more recent the date, the less likely that the property is sold. We do not post any information older than 30 days. Most institutions (covering over 80% of the database listings) update us every week. As soon as we get a new list we remove the sold properties from that institution. Unfortunately, some institutions are not as timely with their lists. As time passes beyond the week, the likelihood that the property is sold increases.

The Entry Date is the date that this property was first added to our database. It may have been a long time ago or it may have been very recently. Just because the Entry Date is long ago does not mean this property listing is out of date, it just means the seller has had it in inventory for a long time. Remember, the List Date tells you when the seller last informed us of the property's availability.

We hope that you are successful in your search for the properties that meet your needs. You can increase the chances of success by calling quickly, checking the database frequently (Monday is the best day to look for new properties), and look at the Entry Date and List Date before you call to determine the likelihood that the property is sold. Even with a recent List Date, if the Entry Date is a long time ago the chances that someone else has reached an agreement with the seller since the list was published increases. We estimate that between 15% and 20% of the database is sold at any given time. If there was anything we could do to reduce that percentage without limiting the access to potentially good information, we would do it. If you call about a property and find that it has sold over 30 days ago or substantially prior to the List Date please let us know (use the link below to send us a message). We will contact the seller to find out how this happened. Note: the FDIC information is the worst with regards to this situation. Unfortunately our efforts to clean up the federal government has failed thus far.

Finally, a note about the completeness of the listings. We tell you EVERYTHING THE SELLER TOLD US! Some sellers are very complete and others, unfortunately, are not so complete. That is why we try to supply you with two phone numbers on every listing. The seller will fill in the necessary details.

Good Luck and Good Hunting