What do members have to say about FOL?

Many of our members have had great success purchasing foreclosed properties. Here are some of their testimonials:

My name is Christopher Nitz, and I'm happy to say, a home owner in Tacoma, Washington. I purchased it from the RTC thanks to you folks at Foreclosures OnLine. It's still a shock to other people when I tell them I purchased my home at the age of 19 for only $26,000. I had to show the deed to my Tax-Person to convince her that it wasn't just a down payment!

In about 2 months, with no more time invested than 3 phone calls, a stack of paperwork signed and faxed, and 2 [logons] to Foreclosures OnLine, I now have my own home, free and clear! Foreclosures OnLine is no get-rich-quick scam. I've got a house to live in, and that's all I ever wanted.

-- Christopher Nitz

In March, I closed escrow on 1.2 acres of land purchased from the RTC utilizing Foreclosures OnLine from Costa Mesa, California. At the present, I am in escrow on 144 units of apartments in Phoenix known as Tamarak Gardens. This was also located using Foreclosures OnLine.

-- John Jaeger, MBA

Last November we found a property listed for sale. It was a beautiful 5,000 square foot home; we assessed the market value to be around $500,000. We made an offer of $253,000, and it was accepted!

-- T.A. Coxen, Portland, Oregon

What do real estate professionals and other serious investors think about FOL?

As a result of Foreclosures OnLine's excellent service, I was able to purchase quite a few houses which made a lot of profit. I truly believe Foreclosures OnLine is an excellent tool for real estate investors.

-- IRA Realty, Houston, Texas

I find your service not only beneficial to my business but also vital to my company's long-term success. Your network has enabled me to work nation-wide for referral fees. Foreclosures OnLine has brought success to my firm, and I wouldn't be without it.

-- R.C. Thomas, Hendersonville, North Carolina

As Vice President of Development, often times I have to search many properties in a very short time-frame, and Foreclosures OnLine has been a life saver. Foreclosures OnLine has been invaluable in providing the information necessary on which to base these decisions.

-- L.D. Weitzel, Texarkana, TX

Foreclosures OnLine has been extremely helpful to us. At least six of our associates have been using the system. We certainly feel that the network gives us a leg-up on finding available real-estate in the area.

-- E.A. Manny, CAPS, Tampa, Florida

Other members tell us even more exciting stories. Phil Falia of Union City, New Jersey purchased a bank-owned foreclosure in his town for $46,000 (118 42nd Street if you live in the area and want to see it for yourself). He tells us the house will have a market value of $95,000 after some repairs and a little paint. Phil has started teaching seminars at Hispanic churches, interpreted through the pastor or priest, to help these newest Americans purchase their first homes and participate in the American Dream through helping them to own foreclosed homes.